Aardvark SSP

The 2012 North American Regional Studbook for Aardvarks includes historic records for 82.91.25 (198) at 34 Institutions. Of these, 124 were captive born (62%), 62 were wild born (31%), and 12 are of unknown origin (6%). Unfortunately, many early records have been lost.
The living population at that time consisted of 14.14.1 (29) animals held at 12 institutions. The population had increased by four animals since the end of 2010. There were eight wild born individuals remaining in the population. Ten institutions held potential breeding pairs, so the potential for an increase in births does exist.

AZA has recently designated the Aardvark program as a Red SSP. A draft Breeding and Transfer Plan has been developed and is currently under review.

After logging into the AZA website, members can view the Breeding and Transfer Plan via the link on the page that follows:

AZA Animal Program: Aardvark SSP


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