Six-banded armadillo SSP

The six-banded, or yellow, armadillo (Euphractus sexcinctus) is found in eastern and central South America from southern Surinam, through southeastern Brazil into Uruguay, Paraguay, northeastern Argentina and eastern/central Bolivia. It was previously thought that the northernmost population was a small disjunct population, however a 2006 study would seem to indicate that the species is continuously distributed at least to the southern margin of the mouth of the Rio Amazonas (see Atanaena Goncalves de Andrade et al, pp. 25-30 in Edentata 7 (2006). They most often inhabit dry, scrubby, open grass areas, seasonally flooded palm savanna, transitional forested areas and less often in humid forests. They are equally found in burnt and unburnt Cerrado areas of Brazil (Smith, 2007)

The six-banded armadillo program has only recently been assigned SSP status. The studbook has been updated in advance of the program’s first Breeding and Transfer Plan. Based upon surveys completed in 2014 the historical population for this species in North American zoos has been 130 individuals held at 41 institutions. The current population is 15.8.0 (23) at 15 institutions (14 of which are AZA institutions).

The 2014 studbook for this species can be viewed via the link that follows:

Yellow Armadillo Studbook 2014

Institutions holding this species are asked to please review the data and advise the studbook keeper of any errors that may have occurred. If you are aware of individuals not included in this studbook, please contact Tamara Conklin with that information so that it can be included in the next edition.