Resources from zoos

Zoos from across the US have created educational materials for use in inspiring conservation action, passions for protection and just plain excitement for all species of pangolins, aardvarks, anteaters, sloths and armadillos.

If you would like to share your curriculum, crafts, activities etc… please email Melanie Sorensen at


Bergen County Zoo – sloth biofacts and sloth craft

Blank Park Zoo – armadillo craft

Dallas Zoo – armadillo fact sheet

Denver Zoo – tamandua fact sheet

Disney”s Animal Kingdom – armadillo interpretative graphics

Honolulu Zoo – aardvark fact sheet

Kansas City Zoo – armadillo craft and curriculum

Miller Park Zoo – armadillo craft and armadillo and sloth fact sheet

Minnesota Zoo – crafts, coloring sheets, fact sheets and sloth curriculum

Reid Park Zoo – tamandua fact sheet and animal handling policy

Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure – giant anteater fact sheet

San Diego Zoo – armadillo and tamandua fact sheets

San Francisco Zoo – armadillo early childhood curriculum

Vancouver Aquarium – Amazonian rain forest curriculum